World-class, tailored solutions.

To help you effectively manage your portfolio and ensure timely trade settlement, Cortland offers world-class custody solutions. Informed by our deep knowledge of industry, collateral types and governing documents, Cortland works closely with clients to provide tailored securities and document custody services. In addition, our clients can access their trade and position data anytime, anywhere with CorTrade, our new user-friendly, direct-to-desktop client portal.

Our services include:

  • Trade settlement and safekeeping of a wide array of asset types via global and local markets
  • Communication with clients, counterparties, issuers and banks to confirm trades and clear discrepancies
  • Customized daily reporting and corporate action services
  • Collection of interest, principal and dividend distributions
  • Document custody, including safekeeping of loan documents and physical securities, exception and inventory reporting and processing loan certifications and releases


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