Cutting-edge, cost-effective and secure.

There’s a wide variety of available bank loan data sources – some are costly, some bundle data with pricing, and others re-purpose client data to sell to others. You won’t find any of that at Cortland – we maintain direct client relationships and source real-time data for their portfolios. Our approach provides full confidentiality, total coverage of every position on a daily basis, and position reconciliation.

In addition, we provide online web access to your bank loan portfolio with the ability to view positions, activity and agent notices. Our services also include:

  • Confidential data non-bundled with pricing
  • Rate resets, position balances
  • Full reconciliation of client’s position with agent notices
  • Formatted data feeds for client systems
  • Secure web access to portfolio, data and notices
  • Service for clients ranging from small investment managers to large custodians


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