Unrivaled security for your peace of mind.

To avoid insider trading, firms use firewalls to channel material non-public information away from investment decision-makers and trading desks. But even the most elaborate internal defenses can falter. That’s why our industry-best solution puts the firewall outside of the firm to remove the risk from internally handled MNPI.

Cortland’s MNPI services take over the monitoring and tracking of amendments and MNPI delivery through electronic workspaces and credit channels. By restricting the flow of MNPI with comprehensive administrative solutions, Cortland provides the strongest defense available against insider trading.

Among our wide range of MNPI services, we also include the following:
Amendment Administration Outsourcing

  • Monitor and track announced and pending amendments
  • Communicate with clients and administrative agents to ensure votes are cast
  • Monitor electronic workspaces and other channels for upcoming amendments
  • Distribute copies of voting materials, amendments, and related documentation


Amendment Review & Execution Agency Services

  • Evaluate amendment versus rules-based suitability standards for Cortland to vote
  • Deem amendments suitable or unsuitable for vote execution
  • Refer amendments deemed unsuitable to Client’s designated point of contact
  • Perform periodic internal review of suitable / unsuitable validation process


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